beyond grit bundle

This is your key to improving your happiness, leadership and reaching your big dreams and goals.


The Beyond Grit Hardcover Book

10 Powerful Practices to Gain The High-Performance Edge. Super easy to read, short chapters, and full of sticky advice that can be used in any situation!

The Beyond Grit Workbook

This workbook is your step-by-step process to take your life to the next level. Filled with exercises to help you discover what your inner limits are and practices to overcome them.

Beyond Grit Cards

Each card is beautifully designed and features a power phrase from my book. A perfect way to start your morning in a positive and uplifting light. Have motivation ready to go at hands length away.

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Multiply Your Confidence video course

A three part video course that will you own for life. You’ll learn how to identify the internal barriers that are holding you back, and most importantly, how to overcome them.


The High Performance Mindset Summit

22 interviews with high-performance experts. Packed full of advice – and all their tips + tricks to stay focused and on track during adversity.


10 Decisions to Be Confident guide

Full of 10 actions steps that will help you become the most confident version of yourself. This is a guide to lifelong confidence that you can print out and refer back to anytime you need a boost. 


The Confidence Building Morning Routine

This is more than just a simple list of things to do each morning. It’s a roadmap to success, providing you with the tools and motivation you need to make every day count. If you’re looking for a way to boost your confidence and set yourself up for success than this bonus alone is worth the purchase.