The new book from best selling author Dr. Cindra Kamphoff

Beyond grit for business

Ten powerful practices to boost performance, leadership, and your bottom line. 

Foreword written by Angie Bastian

Founder of BOOM CHICKA POP ($250 million acquisition)

About the book

A widely respected keynote speaker, trainer, and coach, Kamphoff shares the strategies she has taught executives, financial planners, and salespeople―along with NFL ProBowl athletes, Olympians, and championship teams.

With her Ten Practices of the World’s Best, Kamphoff shares how to:

With practical tools and strategies, this comprehensive guide to career success was designed for leaders in any industry who are serious about improving their performance and pursuing the best version of themselves.

What everyone is saying

“Powerful, practical, and solid advice on high performance. Kamphoff ’s tools and insights will help you level up and trust yourself more. Share this with your people if you want to inspire a more motivated, responsible, and high-trust team!”

CEO and bestselling author of The Trust Edge

“Beyond Grit for Business is a must-have and must-read book. This book is filled with rich research, real stories, and practical applications that are designed to help you thrive in life, school, and work. I love Cindra Kamphoff ’s commitment and passion around helping people transform their lives, careers, and businesses utilizing the grit factor.”

Award-winning professor of communication and organizational leadership

“Grit is the breakfast of champions. With compassion and insight, and plenty of examples, Dr. Kamphoff shows us how to prepare it, cook it, and eat it so that it is easy to digest and fuels our ability to work through adversity, turn setbacks into comebacks, and continue on our desired path to success.”

PhD, author of the New York Times bestseller Performing Under Pressure

“Cindra is one of the world’s leading experts when it comes to relating high performance along with the power of grit, and her newest book is a must-read for business executives, sales professionals, and entrepreneurs who want to succeed in the new economy.”

CSP, CPAE, inspirational business speaker

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Multiply Your Confidence video course

In these videos, I’ll be sharing my proven strategies for building unshakable confidence in yourself. You’ll learn how to identify the internal barriers that are holding you back, and most importantly, how to overcome them.


Grit Values Exercise worksheet

Values are the driving force behind everything we do in life. They guide our decisions, shape our behavior, and determine our destiny. This exercise will help you clarify your values so you can use them as a compass to make sure that every decision you make in your life and business moves you closer to your ultimate goal.


The Confidence Building Morning Routine

This is more than just a simple list of things to do each morning. It’s a roadmap to success, providing you with the tools and motivation you need to make every day count. If you’re looking for a way to boost your confidence and set yourself up for success than this bonus alone is worth the purchase.


Game-Changing Business Roadmap

Goals direct your focus, fuel your desire, and help you remain persistent in the face of adversity. This roadmap will make sure you keep the most important goals as your daily focus and say no to the less important goals.

About cindra

Cindra Kamphoff, PHD, CMPC, PCC, is an executive performance coach for professional athletes, business leaders, and championship teams. Her clients range from Verizon Wireless and the Mayo Clinic Health System to the Minnesota Vikings.

She is the president and founder of Mentally Strong Consulting. Her work has appeared in Forbes, the New York Times, and USA Today. She worked with the USA Track and Field Team when they were at the Tokyo Olympics.

Kamphoff is certified with the International Coach Federation and the Association for Applied Sport Psychology. She is the founder and director of the Center for Sport & Performance Psychology and
a professor at Minnesota State University, Mankato.

She lives in Minnesota with her husband and two boys.

the reviews don't stop

“I absolutely love Beyond Grit for Business. Every page is packed with golden insights and guidance to help readers bring the best they have to offer in work and life.”

PhD, author of The Champion’s Mind

“Dr. Cindra Kamphoff gets it right when she says ‘Master Your Thoughts.’ As someone who frequently has a lot of ideas but doesn’t see them through, Beyond Grit for Business gave me actionable tools to get out of my own way and get s#!& done.”

Professional speaker and author of Leading Imperfectly

“This book is a practical guide to achieving new performance horizons personally and professionally! Cindra is masterful at providing many small steps that, if applied consistently, could make a massive difference in your life and relationships!”

Managing director, Northwestern Mutual

“Here is a powerhouse book of strategies, tools, and approaches to perform at your best that simply work. A fantastic book.”

Market president, BankVista Mankato



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Personally led by Dr. Cindra, the Inner Circle is a small group of business leaders, salespeople and entrepreneurs who meet virtual to level up their mindset and accomplish their goals quicker. Join this powerful group to help you step into your potential and experience lasting results in your business.

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With nearly one million downloads and counting, Dr. Kamphoff provides insights into her personal work with the Minnesota Vikings, Fortune 100 companies, and other top executives and athletes to help you accomplish all your goals and dreams

 Based on almost twenty years of research and consulting with the Worldʼs Best. In a 75-90 minute high-energy, inspiring keynote, Cindra will help you gain insights and practical strategies to help you up your game regardless of your field.

Mentally Strong Consulting is a team of mindset coaches who help business leaders and athletes to perform at their highest standard. Led by industry expert and keynote speaker Dr. Cindra Kamphoff, who has personally provided mental training for the Minnesota Vikings

Learn the strategies used by the world’s best performers to maintain their edge. Become fully present and engaged in every role you play in life, and discover how to become more consistent and successful. This course is perfect for anyone who wants to achieve greater success in their personal or professional life.

What everyone is saying

“Cindra Kamphoff ’s expertise will change the way you think about you and the value you bring to your organization. She shows that it is never too late to discover and unleash the valuable, powerful you.”

President, CEO, and board chair, Jones Metal, Inc.

“Beyond Grit for Business makes so much sense. It takes the personal help book Beyond Grit to a new level by guiding entrepreneurs to business success with sage ethical and positive-thinking advice. Cindra gets ‘it’ and shares ‘it’ here.”

Retired senior partner, Abdo

“Cindra works with world-class athletes to improve their performance, and this book will take your business game to the next level. If you are looking for an edge, Beyond Grit for Business is your GPS to success.” 

Speaker, author, broadcaster

“If you want to go from the ‘pity party’ to your own personal ‘launch party,’ then this is the book for you. Cindra has filled this book with techniques that help you turn stress into fuel. If you don’t read this book, your business ill fail miserably.”

Senior VP and regional manager, Edina Realty Homeservices


the high performance mindset summit

22 interviews with high-performance experts. Packed full of advice – and all their tips + tricks to stay focused and on track during adversity. 

Over $1,597 worth of value for just $20

Here’s just some of the lessons you’ll learn:

Taking risks is essential to finding true success, but how do you know what risks are worth taking? (page 206)

What is grit, and how can it affect the way you run your business? (page 26)

4 strategies to generate positive emotions in your business (and all aspects of your life) (page 148)

The 5 questions you need to ask yourself about your business to create your Limitless Vision Statement (it’s all about dreaming BIG!) (page 34)

The 3 internal barriers you need to let go of to show up as an authentic leader (page 162)

The importance of owning your story to connect with your ideal client (and become empowered to use your struggle for good) (page 63)

The 8 facts of fear that are crucial to understanding and overcoming the things you’re afraid of (this is where you’ll find the courage to dream big!) (page 210)

Why the way you talk to yourself about your life and business is the single most important factor to your success (page 79)

3 exercises to increase your self-awareness (and become the leader you want to be) (page 103)

The first step in leading yourself to confidence, creativity, effective communication, stronger relationships, and more trust in others (page 92)

Specific ways to practice mindfulness in your everyday life (so you can be aware of what your focus and attention is on) (page 127)

How to not allow your feelings and emotions to control your reactions (you CAN act independently of how you feel) (page 140)

Why figuring out where you want to go is more important than figuring out how to get there (page 41)

Why you don’t have to be at the top of your organization or business to be an authentic leader (page 154)

The 6-part “Game-Changing Business Road Map” to get clear on your purpose and achieve your business goals (page 31)

How to take the “failure” out of mistakes and turn them into a positive, constructive learning experience (page 183)

How to stop perfectionism from sabotaging you and your business (remember: it’s good to have high expectations, but perfection is impossible!) (page 194)

The 3 strategies to dominate the things you CAN control (rather than focusing on the things you can’t) (page 115)

Creating goals is huge – but HOW you create them is more important (page 39)

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